(short film)

This is just a little teaser for the film. If you'd like to see the whole thing, just email me at hellomichaelmohan [at] gmail.com.


"EX-SEX achieves what most major studio films fail to accomplish over the course of two hours: a poignant, accurate depiction of futile sex between two twentysomething souls who are young enough to confuse emotions with needs, and old enough to think they won’t." — Vanity Fair

"Mohan’s short about ex’s hooking up is gorgeous to look at, totally relatable, and so pitch-perfect in its bitter-sweetness that the only logical question would be: Couldn’t you make it as a feature? Please?" — Filmmaker Magazine

"Mohan's been able to capture a lot of emotion in these 9 minutes that typical studio rom-coms have been lacking lately. There's something about the way Mohan handles the subject matter in both his films that just seems really refreshing. You care, you relate, and thats why it's good. Period." — Reel Guys

starring Kristen Riley and Jacob Womack
music by Will Wiesenfeld
production design by Cindy Chao and Michele Yu
photographed by Elisha Christian
produced by Jennifer Cochis
written + directed by mm